How Can Anyone Track Your Phone’s Exact Location?

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    Lucia Mandela

    The method adopted by the agencies
    It should be noted that the agencies can get to know about your phone’s precise location with the help of the companies of your phones. It is also possible to track your phone’s exact location by other means such as stingray tools present around you. It offers better accuracy too. Its working is very simple- The cell towers present all over get connected to your cells forcefully.

    The method adopted by the advertisers
    The location access that you give to some of the applications that supports a lot for tracking your phone’s exact location.

    For instance, ‘Google maps’ application while getting downloaded asks for the location because it needs to trace your location from the place wherever you are present till the place wherever you want to visit. It is so because after tracing you only the app can let you know the simplest means that can make you reach till your destination.
    But as we don’t give direct money to such application, then how do they make money from it?

    Many people say that some applications make money from sharing their users’ location information. The Weather Channel is about to get sued by the city of Los Angeles for the same. Microsoft Office is easy to download and install. Activate it now on – If you have purchased Norton or Mcafee security product recently , go to the website

    Track Your Phone’s Exact Location
    Wi-Fi Security Cameras

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